On 22nd July, 2022, we launched our first product from Middey Technologies Ltd, named "Middey”

As a Company, our primary objective is to develop systems aimed at improving Payroll management and administration for organizations, firms, and private persons and to provide Third-party support for efficient settlement of payroll obligations.

Middey aims to leverage technology to optimize employer and employee relationships for organizations, firms, and private persons, including the improvement of payroll documentation and financial systems.

  • Facilitate the transfer and receipt of payments
  • Maintain a payroll system for organizations and private persons, SMEs, etc.
  • Automate scheduled payments to any number of persons at intervals authorized by users.

About Us

Modern Era Payments, Payroll & Accounting Platform

Making Payments or Receiving Payments as an Individual or as a Business should be seamless, that’s why Middey is here for you.

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First action

To maintain a sustainable & superior payments infrastructure of payroll management & accounting for all our stakeholders, through a professional and advanced technological techniques.
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Second action

To be the smoothest and the fastest bridge, technologically for all organizations. ( To leverage on technology to improve payments infrastructure for individuals, SMEs & enterprise alongside optimizing employer and employee relationship through a smooth financial services for all).
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Third action

Integrity, professionalism, fast and secure payments.

Meet The Team

Queen Mercy

Brand Ambassador

Emediong Ekanem

Legal Practitioner